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For over 30 years, the companies CICO SRL and BIOTRON have been supplying advanced medical technological devices to hospitals and public administrations in Italy. CICO also provides services and goods in the fields of wellness and beauty, foods and pharmaceuticals.


Strong of three decades of successful business within national borders but aware of the challenges of opening to foreign markets, CICO Srl approached us to help them define a detailed international business plan targeting developing countries where services in the health sector are still lacking.


Our role as International Business Development Consultants consisted of two phases. We first gathered insights on our client’s positioning on the italian national market, its current distribution channels, its business model and human resources, the link between its existing business strategy and its prospective growth in Italy.
We then matched our findings with our expertise on the health sector as service industry in Mozambique, South Africa and Albania. Weighting risks, opportunities and cultural differences, we advised on which level the specific local needs could be fulfilled by services provided by CICO and BIOTRON. To do so we deployed an strong network of collaborators onsite, and we developed a new network of public and private stakeholders with a tangible interest in working with the italian firm to improve public health services in Maputo.

In 2015 Mozambique has been identified by the Italian Chamber of Commerce as a preferential emerging economy.


  • In 2015 Mozambique has been identified by the Italian Chamber of Commerce as a preferential emerging economy.
  • Yearly national economic growth stands at 7,9%
  • Export between Italy and Mozambique registered a 27% growth since 2012
  • Strong presence of private health clinics catering both locals of middle class income and expats
  • The sector of maintenance of medical devices in the health sector is in strong need of coverage, while international competition still stands at low levels as compared with more saturated african markets like South Africa.


CICO and BIOTRON have been provided with the right tools and a detailed strategy to move beyond national borders and explore the untapped potential of the Mozambique market.



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